15+ SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Health(with Infographic)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of getting more visibility in the search results of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others to a website.The more visibility it will get, more will be the traffic for that website.This type of search results is also known as Organic search results.

Gone are the days where you used to simply write an article,share in few places and make some comments in other blogs to get backlinks and get good search engine results.With the continuous update of the algorithms by search engine giants like Google, it is not very easy to stay at the top of the search results.Because, besides good content,Google also gives importances  to other attributes  as well.

Here are 15 such SEO tips which will help in boosting your website for better search rankings.

Homepage-Site Layout and Architecture

Let's start with the homepage. Do you know you got only 2.6 seconds to tell your user what is your site all about or they will leave?Don't play with users.Keep your headline straightforward and simple.Take care of the following points when you are dealing with the homepage.

  1. Content should be clear and easy to understand.
  2. Create a hierarchy for your content.
  3. Easy Navigation to go to a particular section.
  4. Make Your URLs more user and SEO friendly. A link like xyz.com/coollinks is always better than xyz.com/12345.Not only it will be easy to remember,using proper url will get you more advantage in the search engines results.
  5. Keep a separate section for Privacy Policy and About Website .
  6. Add No Follow attributes for Affiliate,Promo and Paid Links.(Read More about Do follow and No Follow)

Keyword Research

  1. Choose Your Keywords carefully.​(Read How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website)
  2. Keep Your main keywords in per page.
  3. Keep a track of your Clickthrough Rates.
  4. Focus on finding Seed keywords.Seed keywords are the main keyword which comes first in your mind.It can be a product or service.
  5. Do an analysis of your competitors keywords and try to use them in your benefits.

Title Tags

  1. Make Your Headlines clickable.
  2. Keep Your Title under 60-70 characters.
  3. Create a sense of urgency in your headlines.
  4. Be very Specific about your headlines.
  5. Follow the Perfect Headline Formula.(7 Tips for Writing Perfect Headline)

Meta Description

  1. Keep your description within 150 -160 words.
  2. Use your focus keyword as soon as possible at the very beginning.
  3. If you are in WordPress, do not forget to use Yoast SEO Plugin for complete SEO analysis for your post.

Header Tag

  1. Place unique H1 tag in every post.
  2. H1 tag should be the focus keyword.
  3. Use LSI keywords in H2 and H3 tags for better on-page SEO.

The Content

  1. Use Focus Keyword in the first paragraph.
  2. Use LSI Keywords in your content for better search rankings.
  3. Add Internal and External Links.
  4. Longer contents get better search engine visibility in the long run.
  5. Always give importance to the quality of the content rather than quantity.
  6. Set up  a rich snippet for your post.

User Experience

  1. Lower the bounce rate of your website.
  2. Make your website mobile optimized.
  3. Create a custom 404 or error page .
  4. Avoid using pop-ups on the website.
15+ SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Health(with Infographic)

Google Search Console(Google Webmasters Tool)

  1. Get your site verified with Google and Bing Search engine.
  2. Add sitemap for your website and submit to the search engines like Google and Bing.
  3. Check and fix Crawl errors for websites.(Read Web Crawling and Indexing-All about it-Explained)

Google Analytics

  1. Monitor your website for traffic changes.
  2. Monitor your landing pages.
  3. Use the SEO reports within Google Analytics to see keywords rankings,clicks, and impressions.
  4. Check your bounce rate and take necessary action.

Site Speed

  1. Optimise the loading speed of your website.
  2. Use tools like Google Page Speed Insights, CDNs like CloudFlare.
  3. 83% of the users expect the website to load in less than 3 seconds or less.
  4. 1 second improvement in the loading speed leads to 7% conversion increase.
  5. 1 second delay leads to 7% conversion,11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. 

Image Optimisation

  1. Use relevant images for your topic or something which you can justify.
  2. Choose the right file format for your post.
  3. Optimize your image for the web.Take the help of sites lie TinyPNG to compress your image.
  4. Use Alt Text for your image.
  5. Try to Separate your thumbnails from main pictures.

Link Building

  1. Build Links from high Domain Authority site.
  2. Link within your contents.Use your old posts as a link in your new posts.
  3. Follow your competitors' backlinks.
  4. Try to come with new anchor text ideas.

Social Media

  1. Be active on social media.
  2. Listen and interact with people talking to you.
  3. Monitor your Brand mentions.
  4. Set up your daily goals.
  5. Encourage sharing your content.

Google Penalty Recovery

  1. Check for traffic drops.
  2. Write Quality content.
  3. Fix Canonical issues.
  4. Remove duplicate content.
  5. Avoid long banner ad above the fold
15+ SEO Tips to Boost Your Website Health(with Infographic)

Content Promotion

  1. Find popular content in your niche and update or improve it.
  2. Share on the social media.
  3. Send an outreach mail.
  4. Mention your influencer.
  5. Make it easy for your readers to share.
  6. Submit your content in forums, article directory.

General SEO Tips

  1. SEO is not an overnight job.Be Patient.
  2. Pay attention to the updates in the SEO world.
  3. Never stop learning.
  4. Do not spam.

Which of these tips you liked the most.Which of these you are already following on your website.Hit the comment button and let us know.

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