7 Important Terms that People use When They Discuss about Backlinks

The term "Backlinks" are commonly used by the web marketers whenever they talk about Search Engine Optimisation. In SEO world, it is probably the most common and popular word.In many cases, the success of your website in terms of search engine and ranking depend very much on backlinks factor.So it is very important that you have a clear understanding of Backlinks and advantages of getting backlinks in you site. 

 What are Backlinks

Backlinks are links, which are placed on one site and clicking that particular link it will take you to another website where it is linked to.For example, I am placing a link here as a button which is linked to Google.If you click on this it will take you to your favourite site Google.See for yourself.

Backlinks can be created in the text or images as well.Often images are posted on blogs which are linked to other websites. If you see the most popular websites on Google, they have one thing in common.All these websites have a good number of backlinks which bring huge traffic to their website.So backlink is one thing which you should take very seriously.

Let's see some of the common terms which are frequently used with Backlinks.

Link Juice-Link juice refers to power  passes from one site to other sites through links.It is considered to be one of the important factors for Search Engine Ranking.The more link juice you have for your website , the better it will be for search ranking.If more and more websites are linking through your website it will earn confidence from search engines like Google.Links juice can be from out side i.e the external websites passing liknks to your website from your website.As well from your internal links, that you are passing link juice from your one page to another page.Intrenal Link juice is also equally Important as outside Link Juice.

Woorank has made a wonderful video and explained all about Link Juice.Check it out

No Follow: No Follow links attributes do not allow search engines to follow that link further.So if a search engine finds any such link with no follow attributes it will not go for further crawling, hence no Link Juice will be passed.Comment sections of other blogs, Affiliate links, links coming from other unreliable or non-relevant sites are some common example of such no follow links.

Do Follow: Unless specified otherwise, all the links are by default do follow links and these links follow link juice from one links to another.

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Anchor Text: Anchor texts are clickable text, when clicked, they will take you to other links where these text is linked to.For Example

If you click on the above text it will take you to other link where it is linked to.In this case, it is Google. 

Internal Links: Internal links are links within a website that will take you from one page to another page.Internal links are mainly used for navigation within a website.But using internal link is very useful for spreading link juice evenly across your website.

Low Quality Links: Links that come from spam , automated,illegal sites or pron sites pass low quality links.So linking to this sites do harm rather than good for your website.Webmasters often buy backlinks to improve their search engine ranking.This links are  considered as spam by Google and it affects your website. 

Linking Root Domains: The number of other sites that link to your page/site are referred as Linked Root Domain.Even if your page receives ten links from a single website it would be considered as One Linked Root domain only.

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