25 Easy Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers-Number 17

[Research] 25 Easy Ways to Increase Your Email Subscribers-Number 17 Broke all the Record

How many times you have seen Marketing Experts saying that "Money is in the list".I bet in almost every article that you have come across on Email Marketing.Compared to any other form marketing Email Marketing has most impressive ROI of 40%.That's why Email Subscribers play a vital role for your blog's success.

Let's see some of the interesting statistics on Email Marketing.

  • 25% of People in the world have an Email Account.
  • 3.2 Billion Email Accounts and growing...Yes...You read it correct.
  •  90 Trillion Emails are sent every year using these email accounts...that is 175 million emails each year.
  • 81% of existing businesses use email marketing to promote their products or business.

Be it promoting your blog posts,connecting with your audience or increasing sales, there is simply no other alternatives of email marketing.So every blog or website should start building a solid email subscribers list from the Day 1 itself.

Now here is the challenging part.What to do exactly in order to grow your email list faster?

Here is the list of 25 super easy ways that you can use to build your email list.These are proven techniques that have been used and recommended by successful bloggers and internet marketers.

Let's get started.

#1. Hello Bar

Hello Bar is an awesome free tool developed by Neil Patel (Quicksprout,Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg) and his team.

Hello Bar offers many ways to create your email list,grow your social media followers,promote your products and connect to your audience.

Convert more visitors into customers with Hello Bar

You can also run A/B testing of multiple variations and compare which converts best.This is the first thing your audience will see it before they see anything else on your blog. You can ask them to subscribe for blog updates, offer free ebooks, course, tutorial or even send them to a campaign landing or high converting page on your site once they sign up.

This is How Hello Bar will look like on your website.

Hello Bar Subscription Buttion

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And Yes..Did we mention ..Hello Bar is free?

#2.More Sign Up Box in the Sidebar is Actually Good

Yes..That is true.Most of the blogs nowadays have a opt in box in the top right of the sidebar panel.That is the most common place to have an Email Opt-in box if you ask me.Now think about it.When a visitor comes to your website ,they are more interested in probably reading an article or news rather than subscribing to  your email list.So that opt-in box is more likely to be ignored by them.

As they scroll down further towards the end of the article,they are pretty much sure by then if they are interested in reading your future articles.By this time, if you built up a relationship with your blog readers.So, another opt-in box towards the end of the page will increase the chance of getting more subscribers.

However,Derek Halpern thinks otherwise.He says you should place your email opt-in form at the very top of your sidebar. Otherwise, you could be losing valuable email subscribers who sometimes don’t look further down the page.

So,you see there is no harm in keeping an extra sidebar opt-in box.

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"Give them 2-3 Opportunities to subscribe on Every Page"- @Backlinko

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Brian-Dean-SEO Guru-Backlinko.

Brian Dean-SEO Guru(Backlinko.com)

#3.Headline Box

Do you see the Big Headline Box at the top of this page, asking you to Sign up for the Money Making course? In case you missed it, here it is for you once again.

Headline Box

That's Headline Box.This big box gives your visitors all the details and gives them reasons that why they should subscribe to your blog and what benefit you will get from it.

Headline Box is one of the favourites among many websites for building their email subscribers.For example, website like DIY Themes got 51.7% more subscribers by using Headline Box(Tweet This Message)

It is so popular that some of the best themes like Genesis are pre designed with this Headline Box.

So, long story short, do yourself a favor and use this awesome Headline Box and increase your subscriber base.

Like Pop up Subscribtion Box?Here is some of the best Pop up Email Subscribtion plugins used by the professional in their websites.

#4.Bounce Exchange

Bounce exchange gives your visitors a pop up when they are about to leave your website and go somewehere else.It offers your visitor something useful in exchange of their email address.This look something likes this.

Bounce Exchange

With an appealing message like this it becomes very difficult for your user to leave your website without subscribing.

#5.Optin Monster

OptinMonster converts your website visitors into subscribers and customers.Using Optin Monster you can place opt-in forms in multiple areas of your blog including sidebars, floating footer bars, and full page covers.

Optin Monster

#6.Popup Domination

Popup Domination is One of the most popular popups on the web which comes in both WordPress plugin and standalone software. Its Easy To Use, High-Converting, Fast-Loading, Mobile-Responsive Popups will explode your subscriber list in a matter of minutes.Not only that, you can to place it on any website platform you choose.

Pop Up Domination

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Pippity makes it easy for publishers to create popups that convert.


#8.Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is a very simple plugin that will allow you to increase Facebook page likes, capture emails, and even do a split test your pop-ups to compare and analysis which is performing the better.

Ninja Popups

#9.Wordpress Popup

Developed by WPMU DEV,with WordPress Popup plugin you can create eautiful popups without touching a line of code. Choose any style, color, and position, select your target audience, embed images and signup forms, and set when your popup should appear.

Ninja Popups

#10.SumoMe List Builder

Unlike other premium websites,Sumome offers many features like full-page email listing popups,sidebar,floating free of cost.List Builder can be easily integrated with major email marketing softwares.

SumoMe List Builder

#11.Pop Over Plugin

Pop up Plugin grabs your visitors’ attention, build your mailing list and share targeted ad messages with the most customizable, smart, responsive pop-up and pop-over WordPress plugin.

Pop Up Pro

Don't like Pop-ups?it's okay.Wordpress has few cool plugins tools that are not pop-ups, but they do the job just right.Though they do pop up on your screen, they don't just block your reading rather it appears just in the corner of your screen.Let's take a look.


Drip is not just only an Email Subscription Pop Up plugin box,it is an email auto responder also.

Pop Up Pro


Built by App Sumo Team.This is another email plugin which can be placed at the top your website.It covers the whole page initially with the full page email optin box,but once the user scrolls down it goes away.


#14.Optin Crusher

Optin Crusher doesn't annoy your users by showing an unwanted pop up while they are reading something.Rather it shows a popup that appears across the footer of your blog or website.Many websites saw an average of 37 subscriptions per day after they installed it.

Build an Optin Email List in WordPress with Optin Crusher

#15.Slide In

Slide In is an easy marketing tool that allows you to create messages that slide in and show themselves to your users at the exact moment you pick.Whether you wish to promote a new product, build your email lists or simply show related posts to your readers, Slide In is there for you.

Slide In

Slide In-A WordPress Popup Ads Plugin.


Foorbar  is a WordPress plugin for adding great looking notification bars to your site.

Display a notification bar on the top your website that’s customizable

#17.Welcome Gate

Welcome app is a mix of popup and a squeeze page.It will redirect your user to their plugin when they visit your homepage for the first time.Now it is upto the user to leave their email or ignore and move on.So how is it different from others?

Read Why Welcome Gate 10 Times More Effective Than A Popup

Welcome Mat

And if this is liked by President Barack Obama,surely there is something interesting about it.What do you say?

President Obama Welcome Gate

#18.Dreamgrow Scroll Bar

Scroll Triggered Box will boost your conversion rates! The plugin displays a pop-up box with customizable content. Drawing your visitor's attention.

Display a notification bar on the top your website that’s customizable

Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

Enough with the Pop-up plugins.Let's see some of the most unusual yet effective methods of collecting email.

#19. Aweber Comment Plugin Form

Aweber Comment Form Plugin Allows you to install an AWeber web form on your WordPress blog and lets visitors subscribe to your list when commenting or registering on your blog.All they have to just put a simple tick on the subscription box when they leave a comment and the plugin will take care of the subscription process.

Try the Aweber Plugin Form free for 30 Days.

#20. Target New Visitors and Markets

Try to engage new users in your blog.Everytime your contents are shown to new visitors,chances of getting new subscribers will be higher.

Blog commenting,Guest Posting,Regular posting in threads in various forums are the easiest ways to do that. Doing this activities will get your site more exposure to the new users.And chances of getting new subscribers will be more.

#21. Optimise Your Website for Mobile Devices

Mobile marketing is the next big thing internet marketers.With growing number of the smart phone users,traffic from the mobile versions of websites have increased significantly.28% of all the web traffic now comes from the mobile websites.Even Google gives importance to those websites which are well optimised for mobile versions.Make sure your websites are perfectly optimised for the mobile users to give them effortless reading experience.

Thrive Themes are currently one of the most popular themes in the market known for creating perfect websites which are compatible for all the platforms.

Thrive Themes are currently one of the most popular themes in the market known for creating perfect websites which are compatible for all the platforms.

#22. Single Opt-in Vs Double Opt-Ins

Whether to go for a Single opt-in or Double opt-in email subscription,that is really a tough call to make.But it has been observed by many internet marketers that Single Opt-in converts more email subscribers that double opt-in.


There are many.People are lazy.They don't feel like going back to their email inbox to confirm their subscriptions.Some people don't read the instructions at all, which ask them to confirm their email from their inbox, by clicking the confirmation link.

Many confirmation links just don't land in the inbox of the readers.Rather those find their place in the spam box.And people don't really check their spam folders very often or even if they check they might take no action thinking that a spam too.

#23. Images Boost Conversions-Yes or No?

Sometimes images deliver more content than the content itself.This becomes more true when we talk about email marketing.Look at the the email subscription box from Quicksprout.

What is special about this?

Not only it is asking readers to subscribe to their emails,but it exactly tells what benefit they are going to get if they subscribe.

 Email List With Pictures

Pics which are supported by facts,reason or logic are likely to get more attention from the readers.

#24. Testimonials Based Email List

Testimonials Based Email List

Testimonials create faith among readers.You will be more tempted to use a service or product when you see the same products have been used by others and they are happy.

The same goes for the email marketing too.If your emails are really valuable and people who read your emails give positive feedback about them,it will attract more new subscribers. 

#25. Do Split Testing

Internet marketing is all about experimenting.You don't know always what might actually work or not.That's why you need do split testing.Do experiments with your content headlines,colours,change the positions of email opt-in box and see which delivers the best results for your site.

Email Marketing is the most important task to do for  Internet Marketers.They will be like your lifetime asset.Not only because they will help in increasing the traffic to your website,but also to get more revenue.

Loyal subscribers are more likely to buy a product or service if you advise or recommend them.Think how much you can earn if you have a subscriber base of  1000 (and even only 5% out of them buy a product recommended by you).For an affiliate marketer or digital product marketer that is huge.

There are hundreds of other effective techniques that can get get you more email subscribers.Hit the comment section below and let us know what method you are using to get email subscribers for your website.If you know any other tools that you believe to be more effective for list building don't forget to tell us and we will include this in  our list. 

#Tools Recommended by us for Email List Building

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