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How Grammarly Makes Content Writing an Easy Job

Nobody likes spelling mistake or grammatical error in content writing.Not only it looks bad to see a lot of spelling and grammatical error in an article but also it creates a negative impression in the mind of a reader . Many times we make small mistakes unknowingly.For example, like putting a comma when it is […]

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How to choose a Blog name Blogging platform, and Hosting option

Choosing a Blog Name(Domain) Though I am saying it about a blog, it goes for a website too.Choosing a blog name(Domain) and title are perhaps the most important thing behind a blog’s success.What creates first impressions to a blog reader, is the name and description of a blog. Not only this, will help placing the […]

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What is a Blog?Why start a Blog?How to start a Blog?

What is a Blog? A Blog is a personal website that features articles on a particular topic.These articles are usually displayed as a list of short article descriptions in date order with the newest article at the top. Blogs, nowadays are presented as a more traditional looking website, so there is not much difference between a blog and website.With the help of  templates, blogs can be designed ad give look ad feel, which […]

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