7 Tips for Writing Magnetic Headlines

7 Insane Headline Ideas that Will Give You More Traffic

If you are reading this article, one thing has already happened so far.

You have found at least one thing interesting about this article......the Headline .....I mean, think about it.Would you ever click this article and read it further if I put the headline something like "The Awesome Headline Guide for Your Blog" or "How to Write Headline for Your Blog"?

Some might still have.But there is a great chance of that it would be ignored by most of the readers.

Writing a headline seems to be an easy job.So most of the bloggers or writers don't spend much time or their energy on this.

Where the reality is something different.The headline is one of the key deciding factors whether it will be actually clicked, read or shared by the users.

"The Father of Advertising" David Ogilvy  said...

Neil Patel from Quicksprout has this awesome formula for creating a perfect headline.Take a look at this infographic.

What Makes a Good Headline
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

I have been reading a lot about "Perfect Headline" nowadays and came across so many interesting articles, that have literally changed the way I used to see headlines of any article.In this article, I will share my takeaways from some of those articles.After reading this you will not only understand the importance of a powerful headline but also be able to create a better eye-catching headlines of your own.

Where I can not make a promise that even after creating powerful headlines you will get thousands and thousands of clicks and share for your articles, (because that will still be dependent on other factors like how many followers you have got in Social Media Circle and How popular your blog is  and others),but I can safely promise that your articles will get better exposure than before.

Let's start this.

The Ultimate Headline Formula

This is one of my favourites and insanely simple.Jeff Goins decoded the the quote of David Ogilvy "When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar" and created this formula of a ultimate headline.

Ultimate Headline Formula

He broke down the headline into Five compnents and explained them like this

Number- Give a Specific number in a Blog Headline.Let your readers know that they will learn 5 or 7 new things from your article.There is no specific number for this.But research says human mind tends to remember lists which have odd numbers in the.For example, think about the book written by Stephen. R. Covey " 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

Adjective- Use of words like Beautiful,Amazing, Awesome,Powerful etc.

Keyword- Word or phrases which describe the the article is about. (E.g SEO Tips,Tools,Mistakes etc)

Rationale- The way your content will deliver to the readers such as secrets,tricks 

Promise- What Promise you are making to the readers,that is, what benefits you readers will get from your content.

Headlines that Contain "Lists"

headlines with numbers are very popular nowadays.Not only it gives an exhaustive list to the readers, they know well in advance what they are getting out of the content.See the analysis of 1 Million most popular headlines done by Garett Moon.

List Posts

As per his analysis, list posts get more share than any other types of posts and most loved by the readers.

Blog Boost Traffic takes the most of this concept.Many of their posts contain a number which become huge success in terms of click through and shares by others.

Boost Blog Traffic

The good thing about list is,you don't have to worry about how many numbers you will put in your headlines.It can be any numbers as long as they make sense.In fact, you should put your effort as long as possible.Because longer is the list,more it will be the popular.

Take a look at the Brian Dean's "Google's 200 Ranking Factors:The Complete List".Could this be any better than this.?I was wondering how long it might have taken him to build such a massive list.This single post  has earned him more than 11k shares!!!

Google’s 200 Ranking Factors-The Complete List

Now that you have understood the importance of list posts, how would you create such a list post for your blog?

Here is your answer-How to Create List Posts by Quicksprout

Writing a "How to" post - Another Interesting Headline.

How to Posts
How To Posts 1

Before I proceed with the How To headlines,take a look at the above two images. See how many auto suggestions are suggested by Google when you search"How to"' strings.How to is another popular headline used by many internet marketers for their blog posts.

Follow this specific format when you write a How to Headline

How To+Action(do or perform something)+Unique Benefit

Take the above search string for example.If you analyse it further you will get something like this.

How to+Action(75 push ups)+Unique Benefits(in 2 minutes)

Not only it shows you how to do push ups or 75 push ups, it also shows how to do it in 2 minutes.This is something which creates brings attetions.Readers will be more interested to know how they can also do this.So they will go for this article.

You may not be able to create a Magical "How to" Headlines at the very first shot.But at least now you have a working formula which is proven and used by the successful bloggers.So keep practicing to get perfect headlines.

Are You Making Mistakes with Your Headlines?

Mistakes can become very costly sometimes.It is true that people are afraid of making mistakes.And at the same time the very word "mistake" can people make extra careful so that they dont do something like that which can turn ugly in return.Smart marketers use this word "mistake" in their content, and make perfect headlines for their posts.Take a few Example:

  • 20 Mistakes you Should never do while writing Email.
  • 12 Mistakes You Should avoid while doing push ups.

Now let's say, you are in a profession where you need to write a lot of emails to your clients or you are a health conscious guy, who spend quality time at the gym every day doing all sort of stuff like push ups,crunches and all.

Won't you be interetsted in a headline like this??

People tend to click on such articles to make sure if they are doing these mistakes,and if yes how they can correct them. 

Think about it.How a single word "mistake" can help you come up with so many articles.Take a pen and paper and do  a simple task.Come up with your favourite niche and write 10 headlines with this word "mistakes".You will be surprised by the results.

Quick Headline Checklist

Here is a quick check-list  for you suggested by Jeff Goins for writing a better headline.

  • Use Numbers.
  • Use Adjectives like Effortless,Fun, Free,Essential,Absolute,Incredible etc.
  • Use unique rationale like Reasons, Principles, Facts, Lessons, Tricks etc.
  • Use WH words like What,Why, When etc.
  • Make promise to your readers to deliver quality or something valuable for their time.

8 Headlines Strategies

Bufferapp has these 8 headlines strategies that are backed by psychology for better headline writing.

  1. Surprise-You could have 5 pounds in 2 weeks if you did these 3 exercises.
  2. Questions-How to write an email for better click through rate?
  3. Curiosity Gap-2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally; See What Happened Next.
  4. Negatives- 30  Mistakes that you should never do at Gym.
  5. How to- How to set up a WordPress Blog in 2 minutes.
  6. Numbers-41+Tools that Everyone must know to improve their blog.
  7. Audience referencing-For People on the Verge of Writing the Perfect Blog Post.
  8. Specificity-The 6-Part Process to Getting Twice the Traffic to Your Blog Post

How to Analyze Your Blog post Headlines.

Famous Researcher Dr. Hakim Chishti once discovered that certain words evoke emotions more than others.

It is the emotion that drives people to take action.If people have a feeling about your content, positive or negative, they will take actions in the form of like, share and comments.

Emotional Marketing Value(EMV) Index

The Emotional Marketing Value(EMV) index was created to measure the emotional impact of the headlines and their co-relation with shares.

EMV Score

As you can see, higher the EMV score,higher will be the number of shares.Technically 100 will be the best, but it is almost impossible to  attain such score.Many good copyrighters usually get 30-40% which is considered as pretty good.

EMV Tool

Do your own analysis with the tool.Go to EMV Headline Analyzer.Type your headline,category and submit to get the score.

Thrive Headline Optimiser

Do You know how big companies Buzzfeed,CNN, Huffington Post get their content headline?.For a single post they come up with at least 10-12 headline ideas and do a A/B testing to find out which headlines are working best for their contents.

Thrive Team has come up with another wonderful plugin, Headline Optimiser for this purpose.This tool will let you test your headlines on your own website like the most popular websites do. 

Come up with as many headlines as possible,put it in their template and the tool will take care of the tests.

Your headlines will be shown to different users when they come to your website and based on their behavior and engagement factors it will automatically select the winning headline.

2.6 Seconds-Thrive headline optimiser

Headline Optimiser seems to be a game changer.Let's take a look at their video, where they have explained that you have only 2.6 seconds to create an impression in the mind of a reader before they decide to leave your website.


How do you come up with your headline ideas?What are the key strategies that you take while writing headlines for your content.Share with me in the comment section below to make this article more informative.

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