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First Impression is the last impressions.The same goes for your website also.In a recent survey it has been found, the success of your blog depends very much on what impression you make in the mind of a new visitors.In most of the cases, it takes only a few seconds to decide by a visitor whether he likes a website and likely to stay and come back again.

I have spent quality time in deciding before choosing a Premium Theme that will go well  on my website.After reading hundreds of websites Reviews, SEO Tips and considering the other factors I have finally landed on Thrive Themes.But more on that later.

First, I would like to explain a few key factors that you should consider before you decide to invest in a Premium themes.

Built for Speed- No one likes a slow loading website.Will you ever visit a website that takes forever to load and makes you so  irritated that you feel like breaking your computer.Loadin time is a major factor in website abandonment by user which can increase your website bounce rate.You Check your website loading time with Pingdom

User Engagement- Be a blog or website, user engagement is one of the major factors behind its success.Without engagement, you won’t have returning users, and you won’t monetizeThe more user-friendly a blog is, more it will help in user engagement. 

Customizable- Every Blog is different from other and made for a specific purpose.A perfect theme must have the flexibility in terms of the customisation.Be it the layout of the theme or adding new functionality it should allow the webmasters to customise further if required.

Mobile Responsive- Mobile Market has taken a serious turn in the recent years.With more people using smart phones and tablets,mobile version of websites are getting more traffics.This is one point, which you should also keep in mind while choosing WordPress theme.A Good WordPress theme should also be mobile responsive so that it brings pleasure to your user while they are reading your websites from their smartphones.

Built In Features and Pluggins-For almost every purpose that you can think of or require, there is a wordpress plugin available for you to use.But the problem is, the more theme you use in your website more it becomes slow and increases the loading speed for your website.Built in features and plugins keep your theme light and makes a significant improvement in the loading speed.

New Updates and Improvement- No matter how good a theme is, there is always room for improvement.After a new theme is launched in the market, it should go through periodical updates.This update ensures that minor or major bugs identified by the users are fixed and also new improvements are made as per the suggestions made by the users.

Training,Support and Tutorials- No WordPress Themes should also have easy to understand tutorial and manual, which can easily be understood by users having no or less coding skills and technical knowledge.Also, for premium themes, there should be a excellent support team available who could help you in fixing issues in your website or answer your queries.

So after considering all these points, I switched to Thrive Themes.Because it just serves all the purpose for me.And now I will explain some of the Thrive Themes features and why should consider Thrives as your next WordPress Themes.

7 Important Points That You Should Consider before Buying a WordPress Premium Theme

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Thrive Themes have been created by Shane Melaugh and his team.This is the same guy who created the Hybrid Connect, which became quite famous lead generation plugin.Hybrid Connect is now more improved and has been renamed as Thrive Leads.We will do a separate review about Thrive Leads later.

As of now, Thrive has 10 themes available.Each of these themes has been created by keeping in mind a very specific purpose, starting from Affiliate Program Blog, Marketing Website, Magazine and so on.

Beautifully Designed

Thrive Themes are simple yet very beautifully designed to create a better reading experience for the blog readers.Thrive Team has given more focus on the functionality of the theme rather than concentrating only on the design.

Can you see the difference, how this theme has used perfect font size, which makes it easy for you to read this review?

High Converting Focus Areas

With Thrive Themes you can create high converting focus areas .It can be specific optin forms or call to action buttons.This Focus areas can be placed anywhere as per your requirement.These are useful for creating subscriber base. 

Built in Landing Pages

Thrive Themes come with beautiful landing pages.Apart from this, with Thrive Content Builder you will get 80+ beautifully designed Landing Pages which can be further customized as per your need.

You will never need any Lead page subscription or Landing Page Optin Plugin once you use this and you can save more $ in your monthly investment for your blog.

Thrive Smart Widgets

With Thrive Themes, you can build your own smart widgets and display on different pages as per your choice.Forget about showing the same widgets on every page where a user goes.Rather show them different widget which is relevant to the particular topic or page. 

Thrive Smart Plugins

The more plugins you use on your website more will be the loading time for your website.With Thrives super inbuilt features you can easily get rid of some of the plugins which you were using earlier and enhance the loading speed.

Thrive Features in Detail

Thrive Themes use short codes to create beautiful contents, These codes are auto generated and all you need to do is to customize as per your need.


Thrive Themes come with a variety of attention-grabbing buttons you can use anywhere in your content.

Button Colours

Button Sizes

Thrive Themes come in 3 Button sizes.

More Button Options

For each button, you can also set an alignment (left, right, center) or even make the button span the full width of it’s container. That means it can look like this:

Or it can be contained in a column. For example, you can have three buttons in three columns that are all the same width, even if they have different button texts:

Content Box

Content boxes are great for highlighting certain parts of a text.

Content Boxes Colours 

Custom Boxes 

There are two types of customizable content boxes available in the theme. The first is a box with a custom background and custom border color:

The second type is a content box with a custom image background. In this example, the image background is also combined with a content container, for more control over the layout:

Blog Post Galleries

The blog post gallery is a beautiful and eye-catching way of displaying a list of your posts anywhere in your content. Perfect for creating homepage layouts!

Recent Posts

You can show a custom number of recent posts in the gallery:

Popular Posts

You can also show a gallery of your most popular posts.

Custom Font Headlines

Thrive Themes include an extensive font manager, which allows you to load any of the 600+Google Fonts.You can easily create custom font headlines and insert them anywhere in your pages, like so:

This is a Custom Headline

This feature is perfect for use on landing pages and sales pages, where big, attention-grabbing headlines are an important conversion factor. As you can see in the example above, custom colors can be set and interesting fonts such as handwritten-style fonts are available.

Speed Factor

Where most font managers load every font you create on every page, in Thrive Themes, we only load the fonts that are actually present on each individual page. This means that you can create a series of custom headlines for use on individual landing pages and it won’t impact the loading speed of any posts or pages on your site, except the pages where you actually insert the fonts.

Headlines Focus

A headline focus adds special emphasis to a heading. Use it for when a regular heading just isn’t quite enough.

Pull Quotes

Pull quotes are a great way to highlight an interesting part of your text content. Pull quotes have been used for a long time in print media, to draw attention to highlights in an article and entice people who are skimming content to dive in and read in more detail.

Pull quotes can be left, right or center aligned.

Drop Caps and Highlights

Drop caps can be added to the beginning of a paragraph and are an age-old method to draw the reader’s eye. They provide a nice visual highlight for your text. Drop-caps are available in 2 different styles and in 8 different colors (see examples below). Another typography feature in the theme is the option to highlight specific parts of your text with a custom color highlight.

Example of Drop Caps and Highlights


his is an example of Drop Caps and and Highlights

Responsive Columns

Fully Responsive Columns can be added for blog posts.It is just like you see in the Newspapapers.










Tabs and Toggles

Organize your content in tabs and toggles, which can contain any combination of content, short codes and layouts.

Horizontal Tab

  • First tab
  • Second tab
  • Third tab

Vertical Tab

  • First tab
  • Second tab
  • Third tab

Content Toggle

Content Toggle Headline

Content Toggle Headline


The accordion is a variation of a content toggle. The difference is that in an accordion, one section is always expanded, but there’s never more than one section expanded. Whenever you expand one section, the previously open one automatically closes. Example:

Accordion Example

Test 1

Put Your Text Here

Test 1

Put Your Text Here


With testimonials being a vital element on any page that aims to convert, of course we had to include them in our themes. In this theme, you’ll find that it’s very easy to add beautiful testimonials anywhere in your content.

Thrive Theme is Awesome

Build Your Referrals

Animated Counters

4596 km Distance Travelled
197 km Pizzas Consumed
7124 $ Money Spent

The number counters are available in 8 different colors and are highly customizable. You can add any custom unit before and/or after the number and can add a custom label to each counter.

Progress Bar

Easily insert one or multiple progress bars in your content:

Marks A
Marks B
Marks C

Icon Box

The icon box is a content box element which also displays an image or icon. This is great for highlighting a specific feature along with a graphical component. Icons boxes are available in two different styles and many different colors.

Color Variations

the icon box is available in many different colors (these apply to either of the two styles shown above).

Countdown Timer

With a simple short code, you can add an animated countdown timer anywhere in your content:


                       That's not All.....

With Thrive Themes you will also get

  • Customized Optin Pages
  • Responsive Google Maps
  • ​Featured Video
  • ​Landing Pages
  • Download and Thank You Page

Single Site Licnece

Use and activate the theme on one single website.

Includes all the features,unlimited free updates and 1 full year of free support.​


Unlimited Personal License

Use the theme on all sites that you personally own and operate.

Includes all the features,unlimited free updates and 1 full year of free support.​



Byline about this plan.

Get access  all the Thrive themes.

Also includes, Thrive Content Builder, Thrive Landing Pages andall our plugins.

Unlimited free updates and unlimited support included.

Monthly or yearly plans available.

Get More Values as Thrive Theme Member

Enough With the Review!!!!

Long Story Short...With Thrive Themes You Will Get..

Built for Speed

Optimized theme code to keep it as lean and light as possible and adding speed-boosting features as well.

Responsive Design

Everything about this theme is 100% mobile responsive, so your website will look great on any device & screen size.

Search Engine Optimized

The theme is built following SEO best practices, so your site is well-optimized and SEO ready out of the box.

Visual Theme Customizer 

Set custom colors, custom fonts, custom backgrounds and more, to suit the site to your exact needs.

Extensive Admin Options

Set detailed preferences for the style and behavior of your site. Options are available site-wide and on individual pages.

Customizable Header

Choose from different header layouts and apply custom background colors, patterns or images to your site header.

Grow Your Mailing List

Built-in features allow you to display targeted opt-in forms on your site & connect to your auto responder.

Automatic Page Generator

Create pre-built pages with just a few clicks. The page generator means you can get your sites set up in no time.

Fantastic Support

Get your questions answered and get hands-on help with technical questions from our awesome support team.

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