What is Niche and How to Select a Niche for Your Website

What is a Niche?How to select a Profitable Niche for Your Website?

The most difficult or challenging part of Affiliate Marketing business is choosing a niche.Choosing the right niche before you start your affiliate business is so important.It can make a huge difference in your earning based on what niche you have selected.Where some people just know what they want out of their site or their niche, some really find it difficult to come up with a niche idea.

But wait! that is not the only difficult part.Choosing a niche which is profitable enough is another hurdle for you.You might have selected a niche,but if it is something that nobody cares about or have a very few searches by the users on Google or search engine,it will have limited or zero income potential for your website.

Take a cup of coffee and sit tight.Because in this post, I will explain about not only about niche marketing but also how you can choose a profitable niche to start your affiliate business.

So....What is a Niche?

The word "niche" might be very confusing.Especially if you are new in affiliate marketing.So let's make this simple for you.Niche is a small segment of market which you will be selecting to create your website.

Still confused?Basically it is a "topic" based on which you will be creating your website and write about it to take money.it is a "topic" based on which you will be creating your website and write about it to make money.

Choose a topic that is too broad you will be lost in the high competition.Choose a topic that is too micro that nobody will ever know or search about is not also going to do any good either.

So what to do about it?Do some digging further and come up with an topic within a topic that is a profitable enough yet less competitive.

How to do that?Keep reading to find out.

Example of Niche

Let's take something cool for our example.Who loves playing games online?Especially one with action?with a lot of cool virtual weapons or gadgets?

Almost any teenager guys..sometimes girls too..

Even I have seen many guys who are seriously busy in their job ,yet addicted to computer and online games..Somehow they still find time to play games..Still addicted to Games.They just can't live without their X-Box or other Gaming Console.

As an affiliate marketer you could pick this as your niche as this is very popular among the people who are in between age group 13-40,if not at least 35.People buy these kinds of stuff online and have very good earning potential.

​But How to convince people to buy these stuffs online?More on this in our next section.

How to Come up with a Niche Idea?

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing this might be difficult for you.So let's do a little  brainstorming.Take a paper and pen.List down all of your hobbies or things that you really like to do or passionate about. 

Why build such list?Because you are still not familiar with the affiliate market and have no or less idea how it will work.So you should not pick something which is unknown to you or you have less knowledge about it.

Stick with something which you are comfortable with and can explain to other people if they come back to you with questions, when you suggest something to them. Plus you will not have that confidence to explain something which is alien to you itself.People are very smart in figuring this and you will lose your credibility.And worse,people will mark you as scammer as quickly as you can't even imagine.

So at the beginning, it would be best, that you pick something easy that you have enough knowledge about.can explain to others and suggest something out of it.Let it make you some money and gain some confidence and experience before you move to an advanced level.

What to Consider while Choosing a Niche?

So now that you have listed some of your hobbies .Think about it and ask yourself the following 3 questions.

1.Is it a Niche that people are actually searching on Google each month?

2.Has Little competition in the search engines? and

3.A niche where people actually buy stuff?

For the first 2 questions, you will need to take the help of keyword research too.I will explain about it in the next section.Finding the answer to the third question won't be that difficult once you are done with the first 2 questions.

How to do a Niche Research?

So are you done with the brainstorming and come up with few hobbies that you have?Perfect.let's do some more work and finalize your niche.

Let's take the example of Gaming as your hobby.Now Gaming is a very big industry.Every year so many new games are launched by the gaming companies.If you are someone who is into gaming you might have heard the name of the companies like EA Sports, UBISOFT, KONAMI, Activision and others.

People who love playing video games spend thousands of dollars on games each year.

Not only this,gadgets like Gaming Console, Gaming Headset, Keyboard Controller,Gaming Mouse are also very popular among gamers.

​So as an affiliate you could easily target this niche and make money.

But wait for a minute.If you are thinking this would be a profitable niche,so are others.So if all of you target the same niche the competition will be very high.And if your competitors are bit experienced in the affiliate market it would become more difficult for you.

So instead of choosing very broad niche like Gaming Headset or Mouse,you should some more digging.

And that's where keyword tools come into the picture.

What are Keyword Tools?

Keyword tools are something which is very useful researching new keyword or keyword ideas or analyzing  the performance of keywords.You could type any keywords in this tool and it will give you detailed analysis such as How many searches were done using that keyword in search engines like Google.

Here are few keyword tools that we will be using in our example for this article.

For those, who don't know, a keyword is a word or a phrase which type in the search engines like Google or others when we need to search anything.

Apart from these, Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is another useful tool which you should definitely check out.

Back to Niche Research

Let's see how a keyword tool looks like and how it actually works.Here is a keyword tool named "Jaaxy" which is very popular in the marke for doing keyword research.We will use this to do a keyword research for our keyword Gaming Handset. 

So this is what we have got when we searched the term "Gaming Headests" on Jaaxy.

Keyword Ideas

Gaming Headsets have over 6000 searches per month.Here the traffic means the number of visitors you will be getting if you manage to get your site ranked 1 at Google.QSR is your competitors or people who will be competing with your website.The less the better.But anything below 300 should be good. 

Now if we search this same term in Google,let's what are the pages that come up.

Google Gaming Headsets Results
Google Gaming Headsets Results 2

If you see most of the results that are ranked at the top position are from top most gaming accessories companies.So it would be very difficult to compete with.Rather we will keep looking for someting better.

Let's make our search term a bit lengthier."The Best Gaming Headsets of Year 2015".

The Best Gaming Headsets of Year 2015

This keyword is not that popular search term.But see the green highlighted search results.These are some search queries that are searched by users frequently.Best Gaming Headsets under 100 or Best Gaming Headsets under  80.

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Come up with your own Niche Idea.

Use Jaaxy Keyword tool to search and analyze 30 keywords absolutely free.

PS: No credit card details will be required.

Now if you check Google again,you will get search results something like this.

 the best gaming headset for under 100

See the changes in search results.Here you see some websites which are about Headset reviews which are under $100.

Now we will do another analysis to check if these pages are too difficult to compete with.We will do this with another tool "Open Site Explorer by MOZ".

 Open Site Explorer Results

Check for the PA or Page Authority of these links.It indicates the search engine ranking potential for this links.Less the page authority, better it will be for you.Generally PA below 30 is good because you can easily compete with these websites and get your website ranked on Google.

So to sum up, your niche for this example should be something like this.

A Gaming Gadgets Website+Which is about Gaming Headsets+Which reviews various Gaming Headsets available in the market+Suggest users affordable gaming headsets.

The above is just to give you an example of how to come up with a niche idea and utilize to create your first website.

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How to write about a topic you do not have idea about?

If you are searching all over the internet about  profitable niches, you might have found "dog training" as a one.Almost all the niche sites and programs have identified this as a profitable one.

But what if you are not at all interested in this niche?And you don't have any idea about what dog training is and why it is required to do a dog training.

Will you still be thrilled in writing about something on this topic?

No...Right?Because that is not area of expertise.

So here is you should do when you are new and starting with your first affiliate website.Stick to something which you are comfortable writing about.And once your first website is successful,you can explore the other niches as well.This won't be a hard work for you anymore.

Do not ignore a niche entirely just because you do not know about it.In today's world any information can be obtained from internet.Plus think about the monetary side of the things before you reject a niche idea.There are reasons behind why some niches are more popular than other.

So, don't be afraid to take up new challenges.But make a balance between profitability and passion.

What is the Formula for a successful Niche?

Unfortunately there is none.Being successful in affiliate marketing is not an overnight thing.You need to give your effort onit.Spend quality time in building your website starting from design, writing articles,promoting contents .Start building your email list.

Success in affiliate marketing will not be around the corner.But if you will be there if you make a plan,take action and stick to it.

Shortly,I will be sharing the stories of some of the most popular affiliate marketers ,who started as a newbie and were able to change their lives.Hope this stories will inspire you to set your own goal.

Remember, there is no timeline in the journey of Affiliate Marketing.So take your own pace to learn and do things in your own way.

Now that you know what Niche is and how to select a niche, it is time to an action.Check out our Complete Guide On How to Create a Website on WordPress and start Blogging.

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